Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Ready-Made Items ~~ Tea Cup Coasters

Good afternoon friends!
I hope you all are having a lovely November. I have made some new
tea cup coasters that are ready-made.  

This blue tea cup coaster has a pink crocheted "popcorn stitch" flower on the corner of it.
You can use it to place on your counter and use it as a coaster, or give it to a friend.
This tea cup coaster is $8 and shipping is $4.

This maroon tea cup coaster is adorned with two little clear flowers, which have a light green
center.  If you are having a tea party, these tea cup coasters would be perfect to set your glasses on. They also make wonderful gifts. :)
This tea cup coaster is $7 and shipping is $4.

If you would like one or both of these items, don't hesitate to leave a comment below!
Have a good and godly rest of the week. :D

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