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Sharon's Review: 2016
Rating 1 (poor) - 10 (excellent): 10 


Katie's Review: 2016
 Hi! My name is Katie and I blog over at :)
I bought two of Ashley's shell candles and I'm here to give a review on them! 
I think they're BEAUTIFUL! I like how she used real shells, instead of buying plastic ones too. I ordered my candles in vanilla scent. I really liked the scent! It's not like overpowering like a lot of candles can be! I was very pleased with this! The only negative thing I have to say, is maybe the wax could be just a little bit smoother, but I think it's beautiful either way! ;) Great job, Ashley! Her products definitely seem to be worth purchasing! :) 
Rating 1 (poor) - 10 (excellent) : 8


Maddy's Review: 2016
I won a free headband on a blog from Ashley's Crochet Store. I was very excited about winning and I was just as happy when I received it. It was done excellently and I wear it all the time! My baby sister also agrees with me. She loves wearing it as a necklace (which is what she is doing now!) since it doesn't fit her head yet. She loves putting it on and she always calls it "pretty". The headband is gorgeous and I absolutely love it! I rate it a 10!
Rating 1 (poor) -10 (excellent) :10


Her candles are cool!!!!! Would make a great gift!!!!!!

Rating: 1 (poor) - 10 (excellent): 10 


Emma's Review: May 5, 2016
I ordered some fabric letters for Violet. They were made out of purple, blue, and white
yarn, and they were adorable! The price was reasonable ($12). They were the perfect size for babies as they learn everything with their hands! My rating for Ashley's store is 10 stars.
Good job, Ashley! :)  
Rating: 1 (poor) - 10 (excellent): 10


Loren's Review: April 11, 2016
I really love these fingerless gloves, and I have no complaints! I've had 
them for months and they show no signs of falling apart. They're surprisingly warm. 
They fit perfectly, too-Ashley has a sibling my age who helped make sure the gloves
would fit. The owner of Ashley's Crochet Corner was extremely helpful during the  
buying process. She made the gloves really quickly, and they shipped quickly, too. 
They're wonderfully made and I love them. 

Rating: 1 (poor) -10 (excellent) : 10

Emma's Review: October 12, 2015
Hey everybody!
Ashley made me this hat and it was absolutely FANTASTIC! I loved her service and product! I definitely recommend her store!!  ~Emma


Ang's Review: May 2, 2017
This is such a nice, well made item. I'm very pleased with my purchase, and the seller is very nice to deal with. I will purchase from this shop again.

Rating: 1 (poor) - 10 (excellent) : 10 


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  1. I would say Ashley's things that she has made is a 100%.
    Everything is sooooo well made and I love everything.
    She definitely should receive 10 stars.
    Her prices are VERY reasonable. I would recommend any of you guys out there to buy something if you are interested.