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A cheery welcome to you! I'm so delighted you have stopped by for a visit. I do hope you will find something. Below are listed all the items I currently have for sale. All items are custom made, except when noted otherwise.This page shows all the items that are ready-made that you can purchase. To read about and view all new items, please visit the blog. If you would like to receive updates from my shop and about the new items, you can follow by email. (The follow by email box is on the right sidebar.) If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.
 Thank you for shopping and have a blessed day.
 May God bless you richly. 
Crocheted Earwarmer Headband Wraps wrap around the head, covering the ears, 
and fastens at the back of the neck with a button. A flower may be added for decoration. Earwarmer headbands are great to wear in the winter time to keep your ears warm.
Headband wraps are available in any color you'd like. However, if you'd like a color from the Colors Page, only the ones that have one star (*) by them are available to make headbands out of.



 Infinity scarves are made using the Moss stitch, and are made with soft yarn.
They can wrap around the neck twice, or they can be made as just a regular scarf. Infinity scarves are great to wear in the winter time, as they keep your neck warm.
Infinity scarves are available in any color you'd like. 


Tea Cup Coasters are made in three sizes: small, medium, & large, and can be made with any color. A flower may be added for decoration.
Some Tea Cup Coasters are made with a pocket (like the one shown above) which can hold tea bags or a gift card. They're perfect to give to your tea-loving friends.

Crocheted Decorative Pillow-$13***Shipping-$7

Pillows are made with the Moss stitch (along with other stitches) and can have flowers 
added to them for decoration, or they can be used to sleep on. The pillows can be made
with one, two, or three colors. Decorative pillows are the perfect addition to your bed or couch, and they make great gifts. :)    

Crocheted Basket-$11***Shipping-$8

These darling little baskets are perfect to give as gifts or to use to grace and decorate your home. Little items that don't have a home fit perfectly inside. You could also make a gift basket and give it to someone. :) The baskets are made with (or without) a heart on the front, and have one little handle on each side. They can be made in any color. Here's a picture of a basket I made with the camo yarn.  :) 

Crocheted Letters-$3***Shipping-$4

These crocheted letters are perfect to give to little children to help them learn their ABC's or how to spell their name. The letters can be made in any color. If you order a single letter it is $3. If you order a whole name, it is cheaper.

 Crocheted coasters are thick enough so water from glasses won't drip through, and pretty enough to display in your home. Like the pair pictured above, some coasters are made with a ruffled border; others are made with a frayed edge.

Crocheted Necklaces-$3
Crocheted Bracelets-$2
Multi colored necklaces (2 or more colors)-$4
Multi colored bracelets (2 or more colors)-$4

Baby blankets can come in any size and any 
color. They can be made with however many
colors you desire. This particular blanket measures
12 3/4 in. wide x 13 in. long. It is meant to cover 
a baby when sitting in a car seat. Blankets made
a little bigger cover a sleeping baby. I accept all
custom orders.