Friday, April 22, 2016

New Item: Blankets // Baby Blankets

 Good afternoon. 
Guess what new item is in the shop now?
 Baby blankets!!!!! 
Do you know someone that is about to welcome a new
sweet baby into their home? Or do you need a present
to take to a baby shower? These baby blankets make
the perfect present for any baby! 
The pictured blanket is 12 3/4 inches wide
 and 13 inches long. This particular blanket is intended to 
cover the baby's lap while sitting in a car seat. If it was just a few 
inches longer, it would be able to cover a baby fully while
 Baby blankets can be made in any color you'd like, and 
in how ever many colors you would like. And they can be 
made how ever big or small you'd like them.
Blankets are not just limited to babies and toddlers. :D If you would like a 
blanket for yourself or someone else, feel free to order one, and please share with your friends!  :D 
This particular size (  12 3/4 in. x 13 in.) is $8. Shipping is $6.

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