Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Special Announcement!!!!

Hello friends!

I have a special announcement. For those of you who have ordered something within the past two months, and those of you who will order something have a chance to be entered into a giveaway! :)  You have until December 7th to buy something and enter the giveaway. 

To enter: Leave a comment telling me what you bought within the past two months. If you plan on buying something, place an order using the order form, and then leave a comment with what you bought. :) 

To gain extra entries: Leave a comment telling me if you like gingerbread or cookies, (or both) and what your favorite color is. :D 

Tell your friends! This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. 

The giveaway ends on December 8th.

Much love to you all.

Blessings in Christ, who has saved us with his blood,


  1. Cool! Do you know what you'll be giving away?

    I ordered fingerless gloves. (I mailed a check to you a few days ago; you should get it soon.)

    I LOVE my grandma's gingerbread cookies, and my favorite color is blue. :)


    1. Thanks for entering. Loren! :)
      I can't say everything I'm giving away, but one of the things is either chocolate chip cookie mix, or gingerbread cookie mix. ;)

  2. Yay, a giveaway!! I ordered 2 shell candles from you. :)
    I like both gingerbread AND cookies! ;) And my favourite colour is purple.
    ~Katie@ sparklyambitions.blogspot.com

  3. yes!!! I love giveaways!! Hmmm . . . , , With a cool glass of milk, I'll take both (gingerbread AND chocolate cookies)! But chocolate cookies just might win! :) my favorite colors are light blue/navy blue and yellow (go U of M!) Oh, almost forgot this! *slaps forehead* I ordered baby booties and a baby hat from you. :)

    Thank you!




  4. I like cookies better than gingerbread. I haven't had gingerbread enough to know the taste soo yeahh....and my favorite color is green! Thanks for doing this giveaway Ashley! Also, I bought the headband from you! :) And I'm going to use those for ear warmers soon! Excited :) Thanks!