Friday, November 6, 2015

New Order Form

Hey everyone,
Here are some updates.
  • There's now an easy way to order!!!! Simply fill out the order form under the above tab Checkout. Click here to order.
  •  The fingerless gloves have been discontinued for right now. Sometime in the future, they'll be available again.
  •   There are now 2 Christmas colors available.
  • If you  would like something in fall color(s), leave a comment and tell me which color(s).
  •  You can now choose which style you would like your pot holders and coasters to be. They can either be made with the regular stitch or the Moss stitch. 
This is what the regular stitch looks like.

And this is the Moss stitch.

  •  I added two new Christmas colors (green and red-shown above) to the Colors tab.

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