Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Please read, share and vote!

Good afternoon friends. 
I just wanted to share a couple articles with you all. As you know, the election is coming up in March, and all Christians need to vote, but sadly many won't. Our country needs to elect a good, godly, Christian man that is going to stand up for our country, and do what's right, for our dear country that was founded upon God and the Bible is going downhill. It burdens my heart to see our country turn her back on Christ and forsake Him. 
There are two fabulous articles that I am providing links to, click here and here, that talk about why Christians should vote, and about how crucial this time is in our nation. Please take a few minutes to read each post...they're well written and needful. Please share and make sure you vote!!!
More than anything, make sure you pray. Pray that a good leader will be elected. One that loves the Lord and will turn this country from its wicked ways. It is most certainly helpful if you are fervently praying, but make sure you act upon your prayers, and 
vote to put the right man in office. I hope you find the two posts enjoyable. 

On a completely different note, I'll be sharing some items I've made recently with you all very soon, so be watching for them. :) I've also added a prayer page to my blog, so please go check it out and pray for the names listed. If you have someone you would like me to pray for and add to the list so others may pray for them also,  
feel free to leave a comment. 

Much love in Christ,


  1. I am very interested in the debate! I do not hope that Trump wins though. :/ Not at all.

  2. This online Christian News place has lots of articles on the 2016 campaign. http://www.worldmag.com/

    1. Thanks for sharing that link Megan. I do not hope that Trump wins either!

    2. You are welcome! Yes!