Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mango and Apricot Scented Shell Candles

I have some exciting news!!!!!!!!! The shell candles are now available in mango and apricot scents. (Or you can get shell candles without scent if you prefer.)  They smell delicious!!!!! Here are a few pictures.

I have different sizes available, so order your today!!!!!! And while you're at it, order some to give as gifts to your family members and friends as they make excellent presents. They're perfect to burn in this gorgeous Fall weather, as well as in the Winter (which is coming up soon). Plus, they give off a sweet aroma.  *Tell your friends!*

If you have any questions or comments, leave a comment below or use the contact form. 

Titus 3:11-14


  1. You are indeed one talented gal! The shell candles are beautiful! Being a summer girl (dying to live near the beach but being a land locked Chicago girl . . . for now) I did over my grown girls bedroom into a guest room that is vintage beach-y. I love everything about the beach! I keep telling my hubby that God has spoken to me and it's time to move south and that my hubby just is slower to hear, haha!

  2. That is so pretty! Are you still selling them?

    1. Thanks. I have one left. Are you interested in buying it? :)

  3. Yes!!!!! How much?
    Do u only have one color?